Native Law & Issues

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada offers a plethora of information and documents, including treaties, land claims agreements, legislation, and more.

Aboriginal and Treaty Rights Information System (ATRIS)
A web-based information system intended to map out the location of Aboriginal communities and display information pertaining to their potential or established Aboriginal or treaty rights.

Assembly of First Nations of Canada
Texts of statements, press releases and policy documents from the AFN on many topics. Links to other site of interest about native law and issues. Also available in French.

BC Consultative Areas Database
An interactive mapping tool that allows the general public, industry, other levels of government and First Nations to identify First Nations who have treaty rights or asserted or proven rights or title on the land base queried.

Indian Affairs (Canada) Annual Reports 1864-1990
Full texts of the annual reports of the Canadian Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (and portions of reports from its predecessor agencies) from 1864 through 1990. Also includes Schedules of Indian Bands, Reserves and Settlements which is a separate publication covering 1902 through 1992. Site maintained by the Library and Archives of Canada.

Indian Specific Claims Commission of Canada
The Commission provided First Nations and the Canadian government with an effective alternative to expensive and lengthy court cases. It ceased operation in 2009. The Commission's final report is available.

Native Law Centre of Canada
A comprehensive centre dedicated to the study of Canadian native people located within the School of Law, University of Saskatchewan. Programs include native people and the law, the law of native culture and artifacts, land claims, and human rights. Publishes the Canadian Native Law Reporter and other law-related materials.

American Indian Legal Materials Interactive Map
Legal and other materials on Indigenous American tribes sorted on an interactive map as well as listed alphabetically by state. Sources include consitutions, bylaws, ordinances and websites. Provided by the Library of Congress.

Native American Rights Fund
Founded in 1970, the Native American Rights Fund (NARF) is the oldest and largest nonprofit law firm dedicated to asserting and defending the rights of Indian tribes, organizations and individuals nationwide. NARF's practice is concentrated in five key areas: the preservation of tribal existence; the protection of tribal natural resources; the promotion of Native American human rights; the accountability of governments to Native Americans; and the development of Indian law and educating the public about Indian rights, laws, and issues.

National Indian Law Library
A law library devoted to American Indian law. It serves both the Native American Rights Fund (NARF) and the public. NILL provides access to a valuable collection of Indian law resources and provides direct research assistance and delivery of information. Includes bulletins of new cases and articles regarding Native Americans.

Interactive Map: The Invasion of America
An interactive map that shows the seizure of over 1.5 billion acres of Native American land between 1776 and 1887.