Foreign Law - Other Countries


English versions of constitutions from many countries around the world.

FLARE: Foreign Law Research

FLARE is a collaboration between the major libraries collecting law in the United Kingdom: Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Bodleian Law Library, Squire Law Library, British Library, and School of Oriental and African Studies. It is working to improve the coverage and accessibility of foreign legal materials at the national level and to raise expertise in their use. Identifies locations of foreign official gazettes throughout the UK and collaborates on a collection development policy for Central and Eastern European official documents. UK and European Union materials are outside the project's scope.

Foreign Law Translations

"This site is a resource for French, German, Austrian and Israeli legal materials in the fields of constitutional, administrative, contract and tort law." Maintained by the University of Texas at Austin.

German Law Archive

"The German Law Archive...publishes cases, statutes and literature on German Law in [the] English language...[and] find cases, statutes and literature on German law in [the] English language by publishing bibliographies and by running a database on German law in [the] English language."

Germany's Federal Constitutional Court - Cases Translated into English

Come cases from Germany's Federal Constitutional Court have been translated into English and made available on their website.

Global Class Actions Exchange

"The Global Class Actions Exchange is a companion to a series of international conferences on the worldwide spread of class actions, group proceedings and other forms of collective litigation that have been organized by Stanford Law School, the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, and Tilburg University....The Global Class Actions Exchange currently includes country reports and other materials prepared for the global class actions conferences; statutes, rules and important cases related to class actions and group litigation; academic and other commentary on global developments regarding class actions; research reports and data; contact information for legal analysts and practitioners who research or practice in the class action or group litigation area; and news of conferences and other events of interest to scholars and practitioners."


Hosted by the Hauser Global Law School Program out of the New York University School of Law, this page provides access to numerous international, comparative, and foreign legal research subject guides. (Subjects: foreign other and international)

India Code

The India Code Information System contains all Central Acts of Parliament right from 1836 onwards. Each Act includes: Short Title, Enactment Date, Sections, Schedule and also Foot notes.

Israel Supreme Court Decisions Related to Terrorism

Some cases are available on this website in English.


"Legifrance is the French government entity responsible for publishing legal texts online. It provides access, in French, to laws and decrees published in the Journal officiel, important court rulings, collective labour agreements, standards issued by European institutions, and international treaties and agreements to which France is a party....The section “Translations of French legal texts” is for reference purposes only."

Malaysian Law

This is a web portal on Malaysian law and tax information. Users can find free updates on legal/tax news, legislation, judgments, etc.

Mexican Law and Legal Research Guide

A compilation of articles (download the PDF) by members of the American Association of Law Libraries' Latin American Law Interest Group that covers all aspects of Mexican legal research. Provides a contextualized overview of how to conduct research on Mexican law, referencing applicable Spanish-language resources and highlighting any available sources in English. 

Niigata University Academic Repository

Academic repository from a university in Japan. Most documents are in Japanese, but some are in English.

Philippine Legal Resources Online

Virtual library of Philippines law and government information.