Family Law, Family Violence, and Elder Law

Canadian Centre for Elder Law
The Canadian Centre for Elder Law is a national, non-profit body dedicated to exploring the particular legal issues which affect older Canadians. The Centre's parent body is the BC Law Institute.

Crime and Justice - Statistics Canada
Provides selected Canadian statistics about various crimes committed. Links to other Statistics Canada databases. Also available in French. (Subjects: criminal and family)

Family Law NB
This website is an initiative of the Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick (PLEIS-NB). It offers general information and resources about family law in New Brunswick.

Juristat (Statistics Canada)
"This series of reports provides detailed statistics and analysis on a variety of topics and issues concerning Canada's justice system. Annual Juristats are produced in the following areas: crime statistics, homicide, impaired driving, justice system resources and expenditures, youth court statistics, youth custody and probation and corrections statistics. Additional Juristats are also produced each year on current topics of interest to the justice community. This is a unique periodical, of great interest to those who have to plan, establish, administer and evaluate justice programs and projects, or anyone who has an interest in Canada's justice system." Maintained by Centre for Criminal Statistics, Statistics Canada. Also available in French. (Subjects: Criminal Law and Family)

AgingInPlace: National Council for Aging Care (US)
A US-based national resource for seniors and their families to learn more about the specific aspects of aging in place. Contains expert information on in-home care, insurance, government assistance, and other financial resources, transportation options, and home remodeling. Includes the guide Recoginizing Elder Abuse and Knowing Your Rights.

National Clearinghouse on Family Violence
A national resource centre for information about family violence for professionals, front-line workers, researchers and community groups. Lists of fact sheets, print and video resources, directory of resource persons, bibliographies of current references, and lists of articles and books on family violence. Also available in French.