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ForEM is excited to announce a brand new product – our very own unique, trackable geocoin! These coins were created to be uniquely representative of the values and goals held by ForEM, and reflect the projects that students and faculty are working hard at on a daily basis.

Each component of the coin represents a different aspect of ForEM. They are as follows:

  • Many of our students focus their studies in our rivers, or on Atlantic Salmon, represented by the fish found on the front of the coin. The Inner Bay of Fundy population of Atlantic Salmon is endangered due to a collapse of marine survival.
  • The plant is a Jack-in-the-pulpit, a unique plant found in early summer in hardwood forests. It’s notable for its three leaves, and uniquely-shaped flower that resembles its namesake.
  • The bird is representative of a Bicknell’s thrush – a very rare forest passerine species facing significant population decline and habitat loss.
  • The tree mimics the image of the Eastern Hemlock – a riparian species that is the most threatened conifer in the northeastern region, due to the effects of the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid. Eastern Hemlock is also unique in that it can have many medical and scientific applications as well.

If you have found a coin

Congratulations on either finding or receiving your coin. Each coin has a unique tracking number embedded within the provincial silhouette on the back. You can place the coin in a geocache, and use this tracking number to check on its location from time to time – it’s exciting to see how far it will travel!

If you’ve received a new coin

  1. Visit the geocaching website and sign up using your name and email address. Don’t worry, making an account is free, simple, and fast.
  2. Read more about geocaching on this website if you’re unfamiliar with it. Find more information by viewing the geocaching guide
  3. Find coordinates for a geocache you’d like to put your coin in and visit that geocache. Once you get there, place your coin in the cache, and return the cache to its hiding spot.
  4. When you return home, return to, and update your coin coordinates by clicking on Play>trackables, and entering your coin tracking number in the search box.
  5. When your coin comes up, on the right hand side of the trackable details page, click on “add a log entry!” This is where you can enter the updated location. There are several log types to choose from:
  • Retrieve: pick up a trackable from the geocache.
  • Discover It: say you saw the trackable.
  • Grab it: from another cache or another geocacher.
  • Write note: to the trackable’s owner.
  • Drop: leave the trackable in a geocache.

*Note: GPS units may be available to rent from ForEM. Please enquire within the main ForEM office if you are in need of one.

If you’ve found a trackable geocoin in a geocache

  1. Place the coin in the next geocache you visit.
  2. Visit the geocaching website and click on “Play” near the top left-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Select “Find trackables”
  4. In the big white search box titled “Trackable Search” near the top middle of the screen, enter the tracking number of the coin you found.
  5. On your unique coin page, near the top right-hand side of the screen, select “Add a log entry”. This is where you can enter the updated location.

*Note: If you’ve found a trackable geocoin not in a geocache, the owner may be missing it! Please turn it in to the ForEM main office.

Happy caching, and watch out for muggles!