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South Oromocto Lake Trout Management

One of the main goals in developing this plan is to determine the total biomass the lake can support and the biomass of Brook Trout in the lake in order to gain an understanding on how to manage the lake. This will also give us an idea of possible implications of having an invasive species intrude upon the lake.

While this information will give us a scientific point of view of how the lake should be managed to allow Brook Trout to thrive, we also want to know what the property owners on the lake wish to have done. We are unaware of how these stakeholders wish the lake to be managed. With this information we will be in a better position to recommend changes to the lake.

Future projects

  • Calculating biomass of the lake using data provided by ERD.
  • Survey lake property owners for information on the lake.
  • Create a Geographic Information System (GIS) map of the lake.