Utilities Services

Facilities Management provides management and maintenance relating to steam, water, electricity, natural gas and propane services to all campus facilities.

It is essential that you notify Facilities Management before you purchase equipment with any special power, plumbing or room temperature requirements. Our shops will be pleased to assist you to ensure that the building services will be suitable for your equipment. This will ensure these needs can be met prior to purchase and arrival of your equipment.


SteamFacilities Management operates a central heating plant, located at 950 College Hill Road. The central heating plant produces steam from four industrial sized boilers, fuelled from wood bio-mass, heavy and light oil as well as natural gas - depending on the climate, season and commodity pricing. The heating plant supplies steam, used in various heating and cooling systems, to the majority of the UNB-F Buildings as well as external clients: St. Thomas University, Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital, Research and Productivity Council, NB Provincial Archives and NB Provincial Soils Lab.

The heating plant is staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Steam used to heat buildings is typically turned off in May and re-established in October dependent upon actual conditions of weather and scheduling. In addition, all steam to buildings is turned off for one week each Spring/Summer for annual maintenance and upgrades at the Central Heating Plant. The schedule is set one year in advance and is communicated via an e-daily to faculty and staff.


WaterUNBF receives all of its water supply from the City of Fredericton. The City has multiple safeguards and monitoring procedures to maintain an excellent quality of water.

A possible disruption or problem with the water supply may either originate within UNB-F or with the City of Fredericton's equipment. Should there be any unplanned disruptions in water service or any discolouration of water, please notify our Work Control Centre. The source of the problem will be traced and you will be advised regarding the return to normal service.


ElectricityAll electrical power is supplied to UNB-F from NB Power. Should you require work to either repair, relocate or install an electrical component you are required to contact our Work Control Centre.  Our qualified electricians will be pleased to assist you.

Power failures can be the result of an incident with our own equipment or with equipment belonging to NB Power. In either case please report all power outages to Facilities Management Work Control Centre. Unfortunately if the problem originates with NB Power, Facilities Management has no control over the speed of restoration of power.

Natural Gas & Propane

Natural Gas and PropaneThe purchase of all Natural Gas and propane consumed on the campus as well as all repairs to any related equipment is the responsibility of Facilities Management. We are aware of the existence and location of all fuel lines. Please contact our Work Control Centre if you require assistance in this regard.




Telephones on the UNB-F campus are the responsibility of ITS. Please see ITS website

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