Service Estimates

To assist departments with changes and improvements to their campus environment, Facilities Management will prepare cost estimates upon request. An estimate will help to determine if your department has sufficient funds to proceed with the work. Please note that these are not firm quotes. Typically, there is no direct charge for preparing an estimate.  However, if additional or special requirements are required the requesting department may be required to fund the additional cost.

Requesting an Estimate

If you need or are planning building or office alterations done, please contact our Work Control Centre to make a request for an estimate and include:

  • A description and location of the work
  • Required completion date if any
  • The name, phone number and email of your department's contact person.

Once all required information has been supplied or gathered, Facilities Management will supply the requesting department with a written estimate within 10 working days.

If the project is complex or involves the services of more than one shop or contractor, a project coordinator or manager will be assigned to prepare the estimate. We will contact your department to discuss the project with you. A written estimate will then be sent to you.


If the estimate is too high for your department's budget, we can discuss with you the scope of proposed work to see if there are any less expensive alternatives available. Work performed by Facilities Management will comply with all municipal, provincial and federal regulations; will use commercial grades of building materials; and when applicable, will use established, licensed and insured contractors. These factors can significantly increase the cost of a project as compared to having work done in your own home.

All labour and materials are provided and charged out at actual cost with no mark-up.


University policy requires that all construction, renovation, remodelling, and maintenance of University facilities (including the hiring of architects, engineers and contractors) be the responsibility of Facilities Management. This is to ensure the achievement of appropriate standards of safety, quality, accountability and maintainability in the University's physical facilities, as well as to manage legal and other liabilities.


To avoid unnecessary delays, please provide Facilities Management with as much lead time as possible to allow for necessary analysis and review to assure code compliance. If you are planning to have major work done during the summer months, we urge you to contact us no later than January. Much of the campus is quiet during the summer, but it is Facilities Management's busiest time of the year.

For additional information on project estimates, please see Project Estimates.

How to Request Service