Roads & Grounds Services

Roads & GroundsFacilities Management is responsible for the overall maintenance of 62 hectares comprising the UNB-F campus, providing a safe, attractive and enjoyable environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. This includes:

  • 4.65 kms of roads
  • 8.74 km of walkways
  • 10.6 hectares of parking lots
  • 22.78 hectares of lawns

Grounds Maintenance

Beyond the collection of litter and the regular mowing of lawns, the campus is further beautified through the planting of trees and creation and maintenance of:

  • 150 shrub beds covering 1,467 square meters
  • 25 flower beds and planters
  • Multiple green space sitting areas and benches

Roads & Walkway Maintenance

Roads & Walkway MaintenanceFacilities Management is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the roads and walkways throughout the campus. Upgrading, paving, patching, grading and line painting projects are done in the spring and summer months when the traffic on campus is at its lowest point.

Facilities Management is also responsible for the clearing and removal of snow and ice from campus walkways, roads and parking lots. The clearing of snow is a priority during the winter months. In the event of a snow fall, crews are brought in several hours before the campus is scheduled to open and continue to operate until all areas are clear.  Subsequent snow removal from parking lots will occur during the overnight hours.

Although all reasonable efforts will be made to keep roads, walkways and parking lots in an acceptable condition the nature and timing of snow fall will affect our efforts.  Roads, parking lots or the entire campus may at times be delayed in opening, or closed for the day to facilitate snow removal.  In the event of delayed openings, it is appreciated for vehicular traffic to be minimized to allow for more productive snow removal and help ensure the health and safety of all.

Priorities for snow and ice removal:

  • Main thoroughfares and emergency routes
  • Main sidewalks and access to residences and dining halls
  • Central Heating Plant
  • Parking Lots:
    • Faculty/staff and student lots adjacent to academic, administrative and recreational buildings
    • General and student parking lots on the campus perimeter
    • Residence parking
    • Aitken Centre general parking (this priority may change depending on scheduled activities)
  • Secondary roads and sidewalks.

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