Custodial Services

Facilities Management, through its staff and management of our contracted service to Omni Facility Service, is responsible for the custodial services provided in all UNB-F buildings, with the exception of the residence system.

Routine Weekday Services:Custodial Services

  • Daily trash removal.
  • Daily cleaning and restocking of washrooms.
  • Daily check and cleaning of classrooms, labs and public areas.
  • Coordinating of UNBF's recycling program.
  • Snow and ice removal from building steps and walkways.
  • Refinishing floors on a yearly schedule.

Non-Routine Services:

  • Carpets will be deep shampooed on yearly basis. Please contact the Work Control Centre to schedule.
  • Cleaning services, beyond that provided under routine service, following departmental sponsored events is available and will be funded by the requesting department.

In an effort to reduce disturbance to students, faculty and staff, custodial duties are generally performed between the hours of 6:00 AM and 2:30 PM.

Please contact our Work Control Centre if you notice an area requiring attention or have unique needs you require addressing.

How to Request Service