Carpentry & Cabinet Making

Carpentry & CabinetmakingThe Carpentry Shop, through its skilled staff of carpenters and a cabinet maker provide a wide range of services from general maintenance to specialized projects.

In general, building related repairs are funded by Facilities Management and are done on a priority basis. Any additional or custom work would be a billable service and would have to be funded by the requesting department.

Services include:

  • Repair to existing buildings and furniture.
  • Design and construction of custom workstations, shelving, furniture and cabinets.
  • Custom exterior sign construction.
  • Flooring - repair, removal and replacement.
  • Wall and ceiling repair and replacement.
  • Glass replacement.
  • Reconfiguration of existing walls.
  • Replacement and repairs of roofing.
  • Repair, replacement and installation of counter laminate.
  • Installation of custom supports for A/V equipment.

Please contact us to discuss your routine maintenance and specialized needs.

How to Request Service