Role of Project Management

ProjectsWelcome to Project Management for UNB's Fredericton campus. We are your resource for all design, construction, and renovation projects at the university.  Our aim is to serve you with high-quality projects that exceed your expectations.

Our Services include:

Project Estimating

Construction Tendering

  • A formalized competitive tendering process in which qualified contractors submit lump sum bids (tenders) for the work indicated in the detailed construction drawings.
  • Develop a tender document/package in compliance with the Crowne Construction Contracts Act and the Atlantic Canada Procurement Act.

ProjectsConstruction Coordination

  • Ensure the impact of the work on the building occupants is minimized
  • Ensure the construction progresses in an organized fashion as scheduled.
  • Ensure all requirements, standards and codes are maintained.

Post-Construction Follow-up, Record Drawings and Maintenance & Operation Manuals

  • ProjectsThis is a necessary part of the construction process to ensure the continued maintenance of the facilities.
  • The information provided in record drawings and Operation and Maintenance Manuals is an important resource in making future changes and modifications that may be required to meet the continually changing needs of the University.

We invite you to explore our site to learn more about what we can do for you.

As stewards of the university, we support and promote sustainability as we manage and carry out our projects.