Project Estimates

We provide cost estimates for construction and renovation projects at the university. We generally give you two types of cost estimates as your project progresses:

Conceptual Planning / Rough Order of Magnitude Estimates: These types of estimates are the first step in project preparation which includes the requirements of the user as well as codes and standards requirements to provide you with a cost range so you can get an idea of the size and scope of the project. These estimates are usually comparative and are based on the estimator's experience as well as historical data on similar projects. You will need to get detailed cost estimates before construction or renovations begin.

Detailed Cost Estimates: You will want to request a detailed cost prior to committing to a project. The detailed estimate will give you the specific breakdown of project costs.  You will need to have a preliminary design to get this type of estimate. We will fully investigate existing building conditions and evaluate all remodeling projects for heating and air conditioning capacity, electrical service, plumbing, potential hazardous materials, current day code requirement and interior elements such as fit and finish.

Detailed construction drawings and specifications may be prepared by the Project Group or by a consultant depending on the nature of the work and the degree of detail required. The detailed drawings and material specifications would allow Facilities Management shops or outside contractors to take the drawings and construct the work. Detailed construction drawings often form part of the construction tendering tender package where lump sum tenders or bids are requested.

Estimates versus Quotes

As noted above, under Estimating, the Project Group does provide an estimate, not a guaranteed quote.  Operating on a strictly cost-recovery basis there is no requirement to generate a net profit, nor is there any resource to cover costs in excess of the estimate.  Costs over estimates may be a result of any number of factors including, but not limited to: current state of the economy, world markets, change in scope of work, request in change of material, requested change in timeline, or unanticipated complications.

To assist the customer in anticipating their total costs, the Project Group will most always often identify an amount for contingency.  This amount will assist in addressing costs of a nature indicate above.  If not required, this amount is not billed, as again, all costs are on a cost recovery basis only.


Project Management fees or labour, when provide by UNB staff, are not taxable.  All other labour is taxable.  All materials are taxable.  As UNB is eligible for a partial rebate on HST, the net tax expense incurred is currently 9.65%. 

NOTE: Should a particular project, activity or group be exempt from HST or eligible for a larger refund, the onus is on the customer to request and/or apply for any eligible waivers or refunds.