Radiation Safety Manual

The Radiation Safety Manual embodies the policy of The University of New Brunswick in the field of ionizing radiation. It describes the organization, services, procedures and regulations with respect to the procurement, storage, use and disposal of radiation sources, i.e. radioactive materials and radiation-emiting devices.

The manual is intended to help UNB personnel to protect themselves, other staff, students and the public from the hazards associated with ionizing radiations. In addition, adherence to the procedures and recommendation included in the manual will ensure compliance with all the relevant Federal, Provincial and local laws and regulations concerning radioactive substances and radiation-emitting devices.

This manual is applicable in all buildings and grounds under the jurisdiction of UNB. Most of the procedures and rules apply wherever radiation sources of the types indicated are used. However, the diversity of radiation sources and devices used on campus is such that additional procedures and regulations may be required in specially designated areas. Such special procedures and recommendations are described in annexes to this manual.

The manual will be amended and/or supplemented as dictated by changes in knowledge, equipment or legal requirements.

Every Radioisotope User Permit Holder has been issued two copies of the Radiation Safety Manual; one for the office and one for the laboratory. Contact Campus Safety Office for additional copies.