Radiation Safety Training

No one at UNB is permitted to work with radioisotopes until they have received appropriate training, and have been informed of the risks associated with exposure to ionizing radiation. The Radiation Safety Committee may exempt an individual from some of the requirements for basic radiation safety training by virtue of past experience; however, all staff must be informed of UNB's policies and procedures regarding radiation safety. The RSO organizes on a regular basis a radiation safety training course, the outline of which is given in Appendix F. Responsible users are required, however, to provide specialized training to personnel working under their supervision. Personnel making incidental contact with radioactive material are required also to receive basic training to enable them to recognize and deal with hazardous situations.

The radiation safety training course offered by the RSO includes the following topics:

  • Sources of radiation • Radiation fundamentals
  • Survey instruments • Radiation exposure
  • Radiation protection • UNB Radiation Safety Program
  • Licensing and legislation • Handling and disposal
  • Security awareness

Contact the EHS Office for more information.