Radiation Safety Committee

The University Radiation Safety Committee is responsible for ensuring that the use of all nuclear substances and radiation devices is conducted safely and in accordance with applicable federal regulations and University policy, as is reflected in the UNB Radiation Safety Manual. The Committee reports to the University President and has the authority to suspend the use of nuclear substances and radiation devices which does not comply with University procedures.

The Radiation Safety Committee assesses the safety requirements and the laboratory location(s) proposed for the use of nuclear substances and radiation devices.

Radiation Safety Committee Members:

  • Chairperson: Bruce Benton (Department of Physics)
  • Member: Andrew Feicht (RSO, Environmental Health & Safety Office)
  • Member:Kelly Ashfield(Office of Research Services)
  • Member: Dr. Willy Cook (Department of Chemical Engineering)
  • Member: Andreas Decken (Department of Chemistry)
  • Member: TBA (Department of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Member: Dave Gillespie ( EHSS, SJ Campus)
  • Member: Dr. Dave Kubien (Department of Biology)
  • Member: TBA (Department of Biology)