Terms of Office

  1. The Committee shall consist of equal numbers of employer and employee representatives. Employer representative being selected by the employer and employee representative being selected by the employees.
  2. Co-Chairpersons shall be selected by employer and employee representatives. Each co-chairperson will have equal status within the Joint Health & Safety Committee and should rotate their duties in which ever manner is suitable to them.
  3. Committee members will review co-chairperson positions annually in December, decisions being made in December and to take effect by the January meeting. (Only members can be considered for the position of co-chairperson.)
  4. Terms of office of the Joint Health & Safety Committee members shall be determined by the Committee. (To ensure continuity, it is recommended that members' terms of office be so scheduled that it does not become necessary to name an entirely new committee and to set the limit at a minimum of two new members and a maximum of four.)
  5. The appointment and re-election of Committee members shall take place once annually in the month of December.
  6. Alternate members should be given first opportunity to become regular members.
  7. The employment group affected by any resignation shall be informed by the member by November.