The J.H.S.C. has a balanced membership of individuals interested in improving occupational health and safety performance at the University.

Each member is elected/appointed by the groups they represent, i.e. employee and management groups name their respective representatives on the J.H.S.C.

The J.H.S.C. has two co-chairs. One represents employees and the other represents management. Each co-chairperson has equal status within the J.H.S.C. and they rotate as chairperson of the monthly meeting.

The secretary to the J.H.S.C. is responsible for minutes, agenda and other essential report keeping. The EHS Administrative Assistant acts as Secretary to the Committee.

Terms of office for the J.H.S.C.'s members are determined by the Committee. The terms are scheduled so that it does not become necessary to name an entirely new slate of officers at any one time.

Meetings are scheduled in advance to take place monthly. Alternate members are named for both employee and management groups to ensure that full attendance is achieved regardless of illness, vacation or other unavoidable absences of the regular members. The J.H.S.C. meeting minutes are posted on the J.H.S.C. web site and are emailed to members, as well as representatives of all of the employment groups on campus.


Employee Representatives:

Co-Chairperson - Oliver Flecknell

Telephone Number
Michael Holmes-Lauder CETL, Unifor Local 4504 (G.L.T.A & A.V)
(506) 447-3399
Oliver Flecknell, Arts Centre, Unifor Local 4504 (SALAC) (506) 453-4623
Ed Czerwinski, FOREM, Technical Staff Assoiciation (506) 453-4905
Rebecca Fullarton, Faculty of Nursing,  AUNBT (506) 458-7014
Joey Tallon, UGSW (506) 451-6882
Employee Alternatives
Martin McQuillan, Facilities Management, Unifor Local 4504 (GLTA & AV) (506) 453-4889
Jeannie Donald, Library Assistant, Unifor Local 4504 (SALAC) (506) 453-4527
Sophia Dick, Department of Biology,  Technical Staff Association (506) 453-4558
Brian Lowry, Department of Chemical Engineering, AUNBT (506) 453-4691
Bipin Kumar, UGSW (506) 451-6882

Employer Representatives:

Co-chairperson - Don Allen

Stephen Torunski, Facilities Management (APT) (506) 452-6389
Beth Lord, HR Advisor (APT) (506) 452-6361
Julie Thomas, Risk Management (APT) (506) 458-7831
Don Allen, Director Security & Traffic (APT) (506) 453-4830
Jeff Budaker, Residence Facilities Manager, RLCCS (PTSU) (506) 453-4800
Employer Alternates
Ann Smith, HR Generalist/ Executive Assistant, CEL (APT) (506) 453-4896
Jessica Bourgue, Admin. Assistant, Renaissance College (PTSU) (506) 452-6247
Robert Moss, Operations Engineer, Dean's Office of Engineering (PTSU) (506) 452-6175
David Saad, Facilities Manager, Faculty of Kinesiology (APT) (506) 453-4876
TBD, Director, Student Union Building (PTSU) (506)
Student Union Representative - President, SU
Environmental Health & Safety, Marshall d'Avery Rm. 250
Andrew Feicht, Ex-Officio (506) 453-5075
Kim Perry, Admin. Assistant (506) 453-5075