Effective communication on occupational health and safety matters within the University is enhanced by an exchange of information through the J.H.S.C.

Included in the University safety program are the establishment of safety policies reflecting responsibilities of both employees and management under the N. B. Occupational Health & Safety Act, proper reporting procedures for unsafe or improper working conditions, accident reporting, development of emergency contingency plans, First Aid training and supplies, training and hazard control.
The EHS Manager audits all aspects of industrial safety, laboratory practices, general working conditions, coordinates hazardous materials management, oversees radiation protection, as well as develops and coordinates safety training, on a day to day basis. The EHS Manager has the overall responsibility for ensuring University conformance with legislation and other generally accepted safety codes and standards. In these areas, the EHS Manager acts as a resource person to the Committee.

Specific items of information, dictated by changing processes and procedures are reviewed by the J.H.S.C. and dealt with as required to enhance job safety.

Bulletin Board

The University J.H.S.C. bulletin board is located outside of the EHS Office. Items displayed on the bulletin board include the minutes of Committee meetings, emergency telephone numbers, Committee member's names in whose area the University is located, and any other current items of interest as designated by the J.H.S.C.