Storage of Flammable, Potentially Explosive, or Reactive Materials are Prohibited.

UNB Reference Number: 7815
Authorized by: J.M. Anderson, President,
Effective Date: December 1, 1978
Revised: September 2001
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To outline the University policy regarding the use of refrigerators.


All University personnel using refrigerators in a non-domestic environment.


  • All refrigerators which are to be used for the storage of reactive, flammable, or combustible materials shall be of the "safety type".
  • All domestic or non-safety refrigerators which are used in laboratories, workshops or hazardous materials storage areas shall not contain hazardous materials and shall bear the following sign affixed close to the handle. Signs are available from the Safety Office.
  • Where a laboratory or storage room is designed to be "explosion-proof", refrigerators installed in such locations shall be of the explosion-proof type and hard-wired to the building's electrical service.
  • All Internal Requisitions submitted to the University Purchasing Department for the purchase of refrigerators for use in laboratories, workshops or hazardous material storage areas shall specify the intended use.
  • Names of suppliers of safety-type refrigerators are available from the Physical Plant Department or the Safety Office.
  • All refrigerators used for storage of laboratory chemicals, radioactive materials or animal carcasses shall be decontaminated prior to generating a Physical Plant Work Order for repair.
  • The Radiation Warning label shall be removed from a refrigerator that contained radioactive materials only after it has been decontaminated. Repairs shall not be carried out on any refrigerator labelled "radioactive".