Hazardous Materials

Lead-Acid Battery Charging

UNB Reference Number: 7812
Authorized by: J. M. Anderson, President,
Effective Date: December 1, 1978
Revised: September 2001
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To outline procedures for battery charging.


All University personnel using lead-acid batteries. This policy does not apply to nickel cadmium batteries, etc.


  • Lead-acid battery charging is to be carried out only by authorized persons and in areas which have been designed and approved for this purpose by the Physical Plant Department.
  • The use of sealed gel type batteries is recommended wherever possible.
  • When diluting concentrated sulphuric acid, the acid shall be added to distilled water, never the water to the acid.
  • Persons involved in battery charging, or service, must wear a face shield and such protective clothing as is necessary to prevent injury from acid splash.
  • Chargers may only be located in well-ventilated areas away from sources of ignition. They are not to be operated in any area in which flammables are stored or used.
  • Smoking is prohibited in any area in which a battery charger is in use, and a sign to that effect shall be posted.
  • The charging rate of storage batteries shall be held at a rate which will prevent rapid generation of hydrogen.
  • The floors of battery storage rooms shall be washed after batteries have been charged and disconnected.
  • A supply of fresh water for emergency use shall be available where batteries are being handled.