Fire Safety Equipment in Buildings

UNB Reference Number: 7831
Authorized by: J. M. Anderson, President,
Effective Date: December 1, 1978
Revised: September 2001
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To outline requirements related to fire safety equipment for users of University facilities.


All persons using facilities belonging to the University.


If fire safety equipment is obstructed or tampered with the probability of controlling an outbreak of fire is greatly reduced.


  • Access to fire alarm pull stations must not be obstructed.
  • Access to hose cabinets, extinguishers and other fire safety equipment must not be obstructed.
  • No person may use fire fighting equipment, other than in case of fire, nor shall any such equipment be located or relocated without the written permission of the Physical Plant Department.
  • Self-closing mechanisms on fire doors must not be disabled, nor may fire doors be locked open. If a fire door is found not to be self-closing, it should be reported to the Physical Plant Department.