UNB Reference Number: 7816
Authorized by: J. M. Anderson, President,
Effective Date: December 1, 1978
Revised: September 2001
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To define requirements for approval, inspection and use of ladders.


All University personnel using ladders.



  • All requisitions for new ladders shall be approved by the Physical Plant Department.
  • All portable ladders must be equipped with non-slip safety seats (footing).


Ladders must be inspected and unsafe conditions corrected before use.


  • Metal ladders shall not be used by persons working on or near any electrical power source. Only ladders manufactured from non-conductive material, e.g., wood, may be used for this type of work.
  • Ladders must be placed on a firm footing.
  • When not securely fastened, the ladder shall be inclined so that the horizontal distance from the top support to the foot of the ladder is at least one quarter of the length of the ladder; where a ladder in use is liable to move, an employee shall stabilize the bottom of the ladder.
  • A ladder extending 20 feet in length or which is likely to be endangered from passing traffic must be securely fastened or be held in place by one or more persons while being used.
  • Areas around the base of the ladders should be kept clear of unauthorized persons and material when the ladder is in use.
  • Both hands must be used during both ascent and descent.
  • Ladders shall not be used as scaffold flooring. (N.B. Occupational Health & Safety Regulations)