Entry into Confined Space

UNB Reference Number: 7811
Authorized by: J. M. Anderson, President,
Effective Date: December 1, 1978
Revised: September 2001
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To outline procedures for entry into confined spaces.


All University personnel required to work in an enclosed space not designed for continuous human occupancy and with limited egress (storage tanks, portion of UNB Service tunnels, etc.).

Regulation One:

For any work requiring entry into a confined space, a written Code of Practice must be established by the University department responsible and the employees involved must be trained in the established procedures. (N.B. Occupational Health & Safety Regulations)

Regulation Two:

No person shall enter a confined space unless:

  • Written emergency procedures have been established and communicated to employees involved for entry into the space and for any accident or emergency at or near the confined space location.
  • A safe form of egress from the confined space is maintained.
  • All mechanical equipment in the confined space is disconnected from its power source and locked out; only explosion proof lights may be used.
  • All pipes and supply lines to and from the confined space are disconnected or blanked off.
  • The confined space is tested for air quality by a competent person and certified safe for entry. The results of the tests for toxic gas, flammable vapors, oxygen content, etc. shall be recorded.
  • The Security Office is alerted, maintains a log of entries and can provide stand-by and emergency assistance.
  • The person entering the confined space is using appropriate protective equipment and a full body harness attached to a life line secured to an anchor outside of the confined space and is controlled by a competent person keeping watch outside the confined space.
  • The person keeping watch outside the confined space is equipped with a two-way radio, an alarm by which any necessary assistance can be obtained and trained in emergency procedures (First Aid and C.P.R.).
  • All equipment has been inspected before and after use, maintained and appropriate records kept.

Smoking shall not be permitted in or adjacent to a confined space.


The University underground tunnel system has been designated as "hazardous space" and is under the control of the Physical Plant Department. Entry is restricted to authorized persons only. Sections of the tunnel system have been further designated as "confined space" and the preceding Regulations for entry apply.