What if there is a Chemical Spill?

Major Chemical Spill

For a major chemical spill, follow the procedures for Fire or Explosion and implement the facility emergency response plan. Review also the campus Emergency Response Plan for Releases of Hazardous Materials.

Minor Chemical Spill

For a minor chemical spill of known limited danger:

  • Move Away. Turn off any ignition sources and move a safe distance away.
  • Assess the substance spilled, extent of the spill and degree of hazard. Barricade the area.
  • Obtain assistance. If the spill cannot be contained safely using available equipment and personnel, obtain emergency assistance, by activating the fire alarm (pull box), calling NB 9-1-1 and UNB Security at 453-4830.
  • Assess injuries. If anyone is injured, request assistance as outlined in the procedures for Serious Accident or Medical Emergency
  • Prepare plan of action. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or ask your supervisor/instructor for assistance.
  • Contain spill and initiate clean up. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment and use commercial chemical absorbents that are compatible with the spilled chemical. Prevent the spill from entering any sanitary or storm water drainage system. Place contaminated absorbent in a container compatible with the product. Label the container with a WHMIS label.
  • Report spill to security. Call 453-4830 even if there has been no injury or damage to property. The Security and Safety offices will perform a joint investigation to ensure that all risks have been mitigated.
  • Dispose of product. Contact your supervisor, stores manager or the Safety Office. Absorbed materials have the same hazard properties as the original product and must be disposed of in compliance with provincial environmental regulations.