How to contact Campus Security

UNB Security & Traffic is responsible for security of the campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Security personnel carry portable radios and can be reached quickly during an emergency by calling 453-4830, by using blue emergency phones on the campus grounds, red emergency phones in buildings or by pressing the direct access key on coin-operated phones (no coin required). You may also contact Security by email.

The Safety Office is responsible for occupational safety. If you have safety concerns regarding safety in your workplace, call 453-5075 or e-mail.

After-hours access to many campus buildings is restricted to personnel who are authorized to possess keys and to visiting groups who have made prior arrangements with Security.

Video surveillance cameras that are monitored 24/7 have been installed at various locations within campus buildings and on the grounds.

All incidents of violence, whether real or threatened, including verbal or written harassment, must be reported to Security.

In an effort to maximize the safety and security of the campus community, you are encouraged to report any suspicious or criminal activity or threats of violence to Security at 453-4830.  All incidents are taken seriously. Your information will be noted and investigated by Security personnel. All reported incidents are documented on Occurrence Reports that are acted upon by Security. The level of response will be dictated by the nature of the occurrence and the policy and procedures that are in effect. The Fredericton police will render assistance and investigate any occurrence as requested by UNB Security or by the complainant. Working together is essential for the well-being of the campus community and for promoting a safe and secure environment.