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Faculty of Engineering
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Geological engineering options

Skills in fieldwork and teamwork are developed through two geoscientific field schools, two design courses, and a capstone team design project. You tailor your program of study through the choice of technical and complementary studies electives and by your program of choice.


Involves additional environmental courses in civil engineering, geochemistry, biology and earth sciences. Graduates often work in public and private sectors on projects such as environmental impact assessments, waste disposal, and the management of surface and groundwater quality and supplies.


Involves additional courses on the behaviour of earth materials and their impacts on people and infrastructure. The students are given the foundations to undertake assessments of surface and underground geological hazards and groundwater supplies, and to be involved in the design of major structures such as mines, tunnels, bridges, offshore installations and waste-disposal facilities.

Mineral resources

Involves additional courses that address applied scientific, economic and environmental aspects of the discovery, protection, responsible extraction, utilization, and management of mineral deposits.