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The path to your co-op work term

Students joining co-op for the first time in January or April should contact the co-op office (H107, Head Hall, 19 Dineen Drive, 506-447-3268) for information or visit our events calendar on experienceUNB for the next co-op orientation sessions.

The following is structured for summer work terms. Fall or winter work term dates are off-set by one (or two) terms.

Important dates and information

Attend a co-op orientation session during the first full week of classes

  • Mandatory for all new co-op students
  • Held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Register on experienceUNB under the events calendar 
  • Choose the session that applies to your academic program level

Agree to and sign the terms and conditions agreement 

  • Download the file
  • The signed agreement is in effect for the duration of your degree at UNB
  • A co-op fee is due and payable to Financial Services by the end of the second month of each work term whether you found the work term through the co-op program or if it was self-developed
  • The deadline to email your signed copy to is the last Friday of September

Submit your departmental approval request

  • Must be completed by the last Friday of September

Apply for a Co-op Work Permit (international students only) 

  • The International Student Advisor's Office holds Information sessions during the last week of September and the first week of October
  • Employment authorization letters needed for your application are emailed from the co-op office
  • Apply for your permit no later than the last Friday before Reading Week in November

Review resume and cover letter course material on D2L and revise current resume 

  • Must be completed before booking a resume review

Schedule a resume and cover letter review with a co-op coordinator 

  • Resume review is mandatory for new co-op students 
  • Recommended for all returning co-op students 
  • Must be completed before accessing the job bank

Start job search at the beginning of January

  • Job bank opens on the first Monday in January unless it is a holiday 
  • Exclusive postings and other opportunities are added daily

Prepare your job applications (cover letter, resume and unofficial transcript) 

  • Book an appointment for a cover letter review and bring your resume 
  • Unofficial transcripts can be generated through e-Services 
  • Job-specific application procedures must be followed

Apply for jobs 

  • Search for opportunities on the co-op job bank, company websites and job search websites and apply accordingly

Book a mock interview (in-person/phone/video) after reviewing course material on D2L

  • Upload cover letter, resume, and transcript as a single PDF (file name: your name.PDF) to experienceUNB when booking an appointment

Accept a job offer (4, 8, 12 or 16-month work term) 

  • Inform the co-op office about your secured work term
  • Create a work term record on experienceUNB and complete it by the second week of the work term

Attend a work term prep session on the Wednesday after March Break 

Update your work term record with additional information

  • Must be completed by the end of the second week of employment

Complete your learning objectives

  • Review instructions on experienceUNB and upload the document by the end of four weeks of employment

Draft your 1st logbook entry 

  • Review information on APEGNB 
  • Complete by the end of your first month of employment and email document in PDF if you wish to have feedback

Participate in a worksite visit 

  • A co-op coordinator will schedule a worksite visit between week 4 and week 12 of your work term
  • Supervisors are invited to join and provide feedback
  • Visits are conducted in person, by phone or by video

Pay your work term fee ($730)

  • Must be done by the end of June otherwise, Financial Services will add a late fee of $75
  • Longer work terms have an additional $730 charge for every subsequent 4-month period

Engage in mid-term and final evaluation reviews with your supervisor 

  • Supervisors receive evaluations from the co-op office to complete and review with you
  • Evaluations are sent at the end of the second month for 4-month work terms and at the end of the third month for 8-, 12- or 16-month work terms
  • Supervisors receive evaluations in the middle of the last month of employment and follow the same procedure as above

Co-op fee structure

Every 4-month period is a co-op work term and has a fee of $730.

Once you have secured a work term with an employer, our office will inform the Registrar and it will be added to your transcript. You will maintain your full-time student status throughout your work term. The co-op fee is due before the end of the second month of your work term.

For employment of 8, 12 or 16 months, the co-op fee of $730 is charged each subsequent four-month period.