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Energy Transformation and Innovation

Energy Transformation and Innovation (ETI) is the research wing of the J Herbert Smith Centre for Technology Management & Entrepreneurship. ETI plays a significant role in developing best practices and analytical frameworks in the fast-changing energy sector.

Some of the topics that are researched within this group include:

  • Measuring perceived value of energy
  • Energy market segments
  • Disruptive technologies in the energy sector
  • Business model innovations in the energy sector
  • Sustainable solutions in the energy sector
  • Pro-social energy start-ups
  • Sustainable energy solutions to solve energy security crises in remote communities

Innovation seminars

Seminars will be held every Wednesday from 2–3 p.m. during the academic year on any topic on innovation.

These seminars are open to faculty, PhD and graduate students and are aimed to spur healthy academic curiosity in the research minds. In addition to keeping the research community aware of the latest global developments in the area of innovation, these seminars plan to kindle the research spirit in young graduate students.