Application Procedures

Application deadline dates have changed:

Click on the link and send your application today.

  • Apply by July 31 for a start date in January. 
  • Apply by January 31 for a start date in July or September.   
  • NOTE: The PhD in Education, MEd in Exceptional Learners and Counselling programs require a deadline date of January 31 ONLY.
  • Trinidad/ROYTEC applications have one deadline date of January 31 for a start date in September.
  • Adult Ed, Instructional Design, Critical Studies has an open deadline date. This requires a full online application (transcripts and references) to be submitted 3 months prior to the intended start date. 

Please be advised that due to the large number of applications for the MED programs, it will be at least three months from the application deadline date before you receive any confirmation on the outcome of your application. Applications cannot be reviewed until all documentation is available. 

Apply online here.




Three references are required. One of these references must be an academic reference if you have completed a degree within the past 10 years.

Financial Support – The Faculty of Education endeavours to provide some financial support for some, but not all, full-time, research-based applicants. Decisions regarding financial support are made in the summer for support beginning in September.

Full/Part-time – The Master of Education programmes are open to both full- and part-time students.

Although students must be admitted to the MEd prior to taking graduate courses, exceptions, at the discretion of the Associate Dean's Office, may include:
•    Students requiring only a few courses for certification purposes
•    Students in another programme that want to take a course(s) from the Faculty of Education
•    Students accepted for sabbatical/educational leave after our application date

NOTE: Students must be admitted to a program in order to take a graduate level course such as the DAUS program.