A Lullaby for New Brunswick

a lullaby for new brunswickWritten by Jennifer Aikman-Smith

Illustrated by Chris Browne

About the book

Sing your way around the province with this charming lullaby.  Vibrant images and evocative language combine to celebrate the beauty and diversity of New Brunswick's landscape. 

Note to parents

A Lullaby for New Brunswick takes us in word image from the Christmas Mountains in the north, along the Wulustuk (Saint John) River to Kings Landing and Grand Lake, then down to the port of Saint John, and into the Bay of Fundy.  Here, the distinctive Hopewell Cape and the astonishing Fundy tides are highlighted.  Then we head up the Northumberland Strait to Chaleur Bay and into the heard of Acadie where the Tintamarre, a "noisy parade" is held on August 15 to celebrate pride in Acadie.

Many New Brunswick place names are lyrical, poetic , and full of historical meaning.  Miramichi translates as "home of the Mi'kmaq".  The Miramichi River and its many tributaries flow through the heard of New Brunswick.  Our forests and rivers echo with the earliest histories of the Mi'kmaq, Maliseet, and Passamaquoddy, meaning the "river of the tides", is the site of a beautiful sandy national park in the northeast of New Brunswick.

May the beautiful language and vibrant, three-dimensional images of this book bring you and your baby a sense of joy and wonder about New Brunswick, the language of place names, and the beauty of familiar sights.