Kisses, kisses, kisses

Written by Darlene Ryankisses, kisses, kisses

Illustrated by Peter Manchester

About the book

Peter Manchester's textured images combine with the poetic words of Darlene Ryan to re-create moments of affection between babies and ourselves.

Kisses, kisses, kisses reveals how a look, a touch, a bit of play, or sharing a book, acts as a kind of kiss, connecting us in intimate ways our babies.

Note to parents

Babies have many ways to make connections with us.  They wiggle, coo, smile, cry, laugh, grasp our finger tightly, and look deep into our eyes.

Kisses, kisses, kisses encourages connecting with a child.  Everyone who is part of a baby's life, both family - extended and blended - as well as friends, help teach the child about love, trust, and his or her place in the world.

Babies are very curious.  They are eager to explore, to see, to touch, and learn.  Visiting new places - indoors and outdoors - singing, talking, sharing simple rhymes, responding to their smiles and coos helps them to grow and connect with their worlds.