Foggy Cat

Written by Glenda Thorntonfoggy cat
Illustrated by Robert Lyon

About the book

Robert Lyon's illustrative water colours combine beautifully with Glenda Thornton's rhythmic language.  Together author and illustrator bring Foggy Cat's daily and seasonal life to the page.  Enjoy the meanderings of Foggy Cat through the neighbourhood, the house, and the seasons.

Note to parents

Reading to infants helps them experience the delight and enchantment of language and story.  Reading aloud lets your baby come to know your voice, your touch, the rhythm and the flow of language, and the power of pictures.  Helen Keller thought of books as friends and invented the word book-friends because books were such an important part of her life.

Because young children often have an affinity for animals, many picture books case animals in the leading role.  Foggy Cat bring us little sketches in the life of a cat; favourite places to sleep, to play, to groom, or to just laze about.  Try making a variety of cat sounds - meowing, purring, growling, hissing.  Playing with sounds is pleasurable and helps babies gain a sense of the underlying structures of language.

Foggy Cat is perfect for "reading" the pictures and making up stories.  You might wonder out loud:  what is the cat doing under the sink?  or will it take his ball of yarn from the shelf and unwind it leaving a trail throughout the house?  or will that buzzing bee find the cat?  I hope not!