Baby's Garden

Written by Karen DavidsonBaby's Garden
Illustrated by Patricia Tingley

About the book

Baby's Garden is a delightful fantasy!  From the raucous muddle puddle opening to the tender and quiet snowflake closing, the author and illustrator have created a visual and verbal work of art for all ages.

"Oodles of bears" and "berries jump juicy" are delicious examples of Karen Davidson's rhythmical phrases that invite child and adult alike to experience the deep pleasures of language.  Patricia Tingley's visual interpretation of these poems exudes the warmth of friendship.  Her thoughtfulness and humour shine through in her detailed illustrations of baby's ever-changing and ever enchanting garden.

Note to parents

Playing with language and carefully looking at pictures immerses very young children in the story grammar of books and the visual language of art.  Some of the language created by the poet gives a sense of story, and some is playful nonsense.  In the same way, the artists carefully crafted images invite exploration and interaction, with lots of opportunities for readers and viewers to create sound effects and actions.

They jury's selection of a book of poems expands our growing born to Read New Brunswick collection.  As poet Nikki Grimes loves to say: "There's no cooler place to be, than the land of poetry".  We agree.  This book is a poetic delight; carefully created to cast magical spells on young and old alike.