Areas of Specialization

Students wishing to earn an Honours designation with their degree may do so with or without an area of specialization.

There are six areas of specialization to choose from: Hardware Systems, Software Systems, Information Systems, Theory and Computation, Multimedia Systems, and Geographic Information Systems.

For more information about course requirements for each area of specialization, please visit the Undergraduate Calendar.

Hardware Systems

The specialization in Hardware Systems emphasizes digital systems logic, communications and organization. Course topics within the Hardware Systems major include Electricity and Magnetism, Electric Circuits, Operating Systems, Networking, Parallel Processing, Embedded Systems, and Computer Architecture.

Software Systems

The Software Systems specialization focuses on program design, applications and systems software. Course topics within the Software Systems major include Software Development, Operating Systems, Compiler Construction, Software Quality and Project Management, Software Evolution and Maintenance, Computer Graphics and Human-Computer Interaction.

Information Systems

The specialization in Information Systems emphasizes the data and information processing area of computer applications, including database management systems. Course topics within the Information Systems major include Systems Analysis, Design and Project Management, Organizational Behaviour, Information Security, E-Business Software Development and Enterprise Information Systems, as well a variety of advanced topics in Business Administration.

Theory and Computation

The Theory and Computation specialization focuses on the theoretical basis for several important areas of computer science development. Course topics within the Theory and Computation major include Advanced Algorithmic Techniques, Networks and Graphs, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Biology, Compiler Construction, Combinatorics and Game Theory.

Multimedia Systems

The specialization in Multimedia Systems emphasizes the technical and creative aspects of multimedia systems development. Course topics within the Multimedia Systems major include Human-Computer Interaction, Multimedia Design, Computer Graphics, and a choice of pre-approved courses from the Faculty of Arts.

Geographic Information Systems

The Geographic Information Systems specialization focuses on the application of computers to the storage, retrieval, and processing of geographically referenced information. Course topics covered within the Geographic Information Systems major include Enterprise Information Systems, Computer Graphics, Digital Mapping, and a progression of studies in Imaging and Mapping.


The Cybersecurity specialization will emphasize on the major cybersecurity topics, and teach the current advanced techniques. The program consists of lecture and lab based courses that focus on technical issues related to information and network security, as well as broader societal issues of privacy, ethics, and legal ramifications. The program is designed to provide practical skills through a variety of coursework on course topics including crypto, information assurance, privacy, network security, software security and digital forensics.