Evaluating Gender Impacts and Practices in Bank Land Administration Projects –  Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Ghana and Laos (World Bank)  

Evaluating Gender in Land AdministsrationThe project supported four project impact studies that will focus on outcomes resulting from different levels of gender sensitivity in project design and implementation:

1)    outcomes in terms of changes in women’s access to and property rights in land;
2)    gendered impacts on household income and social welfare, and
3)    gendered impacts on investment and land transfers.

Project design, practices and processes were examined to see how they have affected these outcomes. These practices included the gender sensitivity of project-initiated legal reforms, approaches taken in communication campaigns, methods utilized in adjudication and selection processes, forms of marital property recognition, participation in dispute resolution, access to institutions providing redress, and monitoring and evaluation of gendered impacts.

CPS Members:  Sue Nichols and Veronica McGinn

Partners:  International Partners in Development, Land Tenure Centre – University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of San Francisco



Canada/US/EU – Project Directors Conference of the Student Mobility Program (Human Resources and Social Development Canada; Federal Fund for the Improvement of Post-secondary Education (US); and the European Commission for Education)

Organized and administered the above conference for 275 delegates from 60 institutions in the EU, 34 from the US and 29 from Canada.

Project Lead:  Veronica McGinn

FAO International Land Tenure School, Cervia, Italy, 1998. Private and Public Sector Cooperation in National Land Tenure Development. Peaceful Enjoyment of Land and Associated Real Property Rights.  (Food and Agriculture Organization)

Participation in the above School for representatives from the transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe. Land information systems and good governance.

Project Lead:  Ian Methven