CPS Project - Asia

Land Registration and Titling Evaluation in Cambodia (CIDA)

Cambodia LMAP

CIDA had a requirement for expert professional services for the design of a CIDA funded project / project component, within the framework of the existing RGC LMAP and complementary to foreign technical assistance already being provided. Expertise was required in the specific areas of land titling and registration/registry operation, land surveying and land law and regulations.

Specifically, CIDA wanted the following: 1) A review and assessment of the present status and of the progress made in implementing the RGC land policies, law and regulations and projects, specifically the LMAP; 2) An identification and assessment of the gaps (technical and otherwise) which may exist; 3) An identification of the range of options which are open to CIDA, defined in actual operational terms and; 4) A recommendation on the most appropriate course of action/option(s).

Project Lead:  Ian Methven (CPS), Sue Nichols (GGE), and Mark Doucette (WaterMark Ind)