CPS Project List by Region


  • Governance Framework for Customary Land Secretariats, Ghana (Ministry of Lands Ghana),
  • Building Higher Education in Malawi (AUCC / CIDA)
  • Sustainable Land Management in Senegal (World Bank),
  • Land Reform and Governance in South Africa (CIDA and AUCC),
  • Land Information Systems in the Knowledge Economy for Africa (UNECA / NRCan).
  • E-Strategy for the City of Durban, South Africa (Industry Canada)
  • Capacity Building in Southern Africa (CIDA)
  • Women's Access to Land and Natural Resources, Zimbabwe (FAO, Sida, Habitat, NSERC)
  • Land Administration Capacity Building Project, Mozambique (Sida)
  • Training of Department of Land Registration and Cadastre (Teranet Inc.)


  • Land Registration and Titling Evaluation in Cambodia (CIDA),

Eastern Europe 

  • Kazakhstan Land Registration Project (World Bank)
  • Evaluation of Land Registration Projects, Russia / Ukraine (Sida)
  • Impact of Land Reform on Agriculture in Kyrgistan (GRM),
  • Gender in land administration in Russia (SwedeSurvey),

Latin America

  • Training/Education for Resource Management & Property Studies (Government of Jamaica)
  • Legal and Institutional Analysis for Land Administration (IDB)
  • Land policy Development in Peru (World Bank);
  • The Geodetic Framework for Brazil (CIDA),
  • Benefits and Requirements of an Effective Municipal Geospatial Information Systems Using GIS Technology (Industry Canada - SCI)
  • Municipal Cadastre and Capacity Building in Costa Rica (CIDA INC),
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Workshop for the Ministry of Finance, Costa Rica (Industry Canada)
  • Workshop on Property. . . A Concept, an Institution and a Right, Costa Rica (CIDA)
  • Workshop on Property . . . A Concept, an Institution and a Right, Mexico (INSTRUCT)
  • The Fiscal Cadastre - A Public-Private Alliance for San Salvador (CIDA)

North America

  • Connecting New Brunswick to the World (CIDA)
  • Title Insurance and the Canadian Land Conveyancing Systems (CMHC)
  • Land Title Conveyance Practices and Fraud (CMHC)
  • Radio-communication Antenna Supporting Structure Siting Procedures Review (Industry Canada)
  • Establishment of a Cluster in Land Administration and Property Systems (ACOA)
  • Seminar - Building Property Systems: From Theory to Practice (World Bank)
  • A Review of Secured Lending Theory (World Bank)
  • Secured Credit: A Review of Selected Foreign/ Comparative Law Sources (World Bank)
  • Land Acquisition Strategies for First Nations in Nova Scotia (Confederacy of Mainland Micmacs)
  • Strategies for Improving Land Records Management in Nova Scotia (Government of Nova Scotia)
  • Boundary Resolution in New Brunswick (Association of New Brunswick Land Surveyors)
  • Property Infrastructure on Canada Lands - Strategies for the 21s Century (Legal Surveys, NRCan)
  • Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in New Brunswick (Province of New Brunswick)
  • Proposal for A Land Security Act in New Brunswick (NB Geographic Information Corporation)

World Wide

  • Canada/US/EU - Project Directors Conference of the Student Mobility Program (Human Resources and Social Development Canada; Federal Fund for the Improvement of Post-secondary Education (US); and the European Commission for Education)
  • Private and Public Sector Cooperation in National Land Tenure Development. Peaceful Enjoyment of Land and Associated Real Property Rights (FAO).
  • Gender in Land Administration in Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Ghana and Laos (World Bank)