Rubrics, Checklists and Guides

The grading rubrics available on this page are intended to assist with the evaluation of student assignments and projects that involve wide ranging but important aspects of their work.

  • The Source Evaluation Rubric helps instructors and students evaluate the value of online information sources.
  • The Video-Multimedia Rubric helps instructors with little or no video project experience evaluate the technical quality of student video and multimedia projects just by determining whether certain things are present and to what extent.  There is lots of room to add content criteria so as to ensure that technical wizardry does not outweigh the quality of the ideas presented.
  • The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Course Design Checklist provides practical tips on making the teaching experience instructors are providing more inclusive of students who have been traditionally overlooked. 
  • Piluwitahasuwawsuwakon and Your Course is a guide to making your course more welcoming to and supportive of indigenous students. (Piluwitahasuwawsuwakon is pronounced bill-wee-duh-huz-zoo-wows-sue-wah’-gn and means “Allowing your thinking to change so that action will follow in a good way toward truth.")