Instructional Design

Instructional design is the academic discipline that specializes in the application of learning theory and instructional design principles to learning activity design. It brings a comprehensive, systematic, explicit approach to the often implicit and “common sense” task of course creation and delivery that all instructors face.

It is the task of the TLS Instructional Designer to keep abreast of current research and effective methods of university instruction used elsewhere, as well as various innovative teaching methods being used at UNB Fredericton, in order to assist UNB faculty and instructors as they try new teaching techniques or resolve challenging instructional issues. It is a support role in assisting faculty and instructors as they create transformative learning experiences for their students.  Contact Richard Duijnstee.

Typical instructional design services:

  • Consultations for SOS score improvement
  • Innovative learning activity design (trying new methods)
  • Course redesign
  • Curriculum redesign
  • Teaching portfolio preparation
  • How-to consultations on resolving instructional issues (e.g., student disengagement, attendance issues, the special challenges of large classes)  
  • Finding good resources to support teaching and learning initiatives
  • Assessment of course and/or program effectiveness
  • Design and development of learning simulations or scenarios w. branching storylines

 Instructional Design Process