Teaching Triangles

Teaching Triangles Improve University Teaching at UNB

Telegraph Journal Sept 18, 2015An article in today’s Telegraph Journal (Sept 18, 2015) highlights the importance of improving university teaching in the Maritimes.  Although many UNB teachers have been recognized by their students and peers for their excellent teaching record, there is always room for improvement.

One interesting initiative that is currently gaining traction among UNB faculty members is the concept of “Teaching Triangles”. The professors sign up and are organized into groups of three (often from different disciplines), and take time to meet each other, to observe the others in action in the classroom, and then to chat together about what they’ve learned from each other.

Organized by Teaching & Learning Service Coordinator Magdalen Normandeau, the program has drawn faculty members from math, sociology, computer science, kinesiology, history, physics, media arts, law, forestry, and Renaissance College.  

What do past participants say?

“It felt great to share teaching-related ideas across departments.”

“I wish this had been available many years ago”

“A very safe environment for personal and professional growth in teaching… and it’s fun!”

“My favourite aspect in sitting in on someone’s class was being inspired by the ideas and enthusiasm of colleagues.”

Teaching Triangles are ideal for veterans in the classroom as well as newer faculty.  New Triangles are formed at the start of each semester.  Get in touch with us to sign up or to find out more.

More information about Teaching Triangles.

To sign up, complete the Teaching Triangles Sign-Up Sheet then send it, via email or campus mail, to Magdalen Normandeau, Teaching and Learning Services Coordinator.