Teaching & Learning Priority Fund 

Submissions for 2020 are now being accepted.  Deadline February 28, 2021

Terms of Reference

Applications for TLPF grants must be submitted online. However, you may opt to supply the minimum amount of information on the online form and attach a PDF file. We offer the following two templates to help you present a strong case for your project to the TLPF review committee. You are under no obligation to use them.

View the following video on how to work with the online submission form.

Projects will be reviewed by a Selection Committee administered through the Centre for Enhanced Teaching & Learning (CETL).  Contact CETL for additional information, clarification, or answers to questions.


To enhance teaching effectiveness and efficiency by:

  • Fostering greater student engagement in the classroom
  • Supporting the adoption of effective teaching methods
  • Encouraging the development of innovative teaching methods
  • Encouraging and supporting a scholarly, evidenced-based approach to teaching and learning (ie. the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning)
  • Using technology effectively

To strengthen UNB's teaching and learning culture by:

  • Having project recipients share their results across UNB through seminars, conferences, workshops and knowledgebases
  • Demonstrating UNB's commitment to teaching and learning by making a dedicated teaching and learning fund a visible priority of UNB
  • Placing teaching importance on par with research

Selection Committee:

  • Associate VP - Learning Environment (Chair)
  • Centre for Enhanced Teaching and Learning Director
  • Teaching and Learning Services Coordinator
  • 2 - 3 Previous Award Recipients from a variety of disciplines


  • Submissions will be requested annually in mid December with a submission deadline the end of February
  • Submissions will be made through the one-time funding form located in eServices under the Financial Tab.

Proposals must include the following information:

  • Project description
  • How the proposal meets the mandate of the fund
  • A description of how the project results will be shared
  • A description and explanation of the budget.  Budget must specify minimum useful amount of funding for the project.
  • Length of project if over one year.  Projects exceeding one year will be approved on an exception basis only
  • If project exceeds one year, a description of what is expected is to be completed each year

NOTE:  If you are applying for funding to update a previous project, please provide evidence the project is being used and by how many students and how it has improved teaching and learning.

Selection Criteria:

  • Best support the mandate of the fund
  • Projects will be funded up to a maximum of $5,000. Given the limited nature of the fund, less costly submissions are more likely to be successful.
  • Conference funding is not usually considered unless:
    • the results of a TLPF project is being presented
    • partially funded by another source
  • Course redesign projects fall under the mandate of the fund but not curriculum redesign
  • Submission for the following will not be considered:
    • course development for fully online courses
    • Projects that only have equipment needs. Projects that require equipment, as a component of the project will be considered.

Expectations for successful applicants:

  • Project completion within one year of receipt of funds, unless by exception
  • Submission of a brief written report on project results at the completion of the project (within 12 months of receipt of funding), or annually for multiyear projects.
  • Sharing of project results in an open forum, such as Kaleidoscope or other teaching & learning sessions
  • Funded projects will be administered centrally through the Centre for Enhanced Teaching and Learning (Fredericton)