Student Resources

Are you a student who is new to the world of D2L Brightspace?

Do you have a question about the interface or one of the features of D2L Brightspace?

Please explore the links below for video overviews and pdf guides on the most popular tools and features within D2L Brightspace. We also have video and printable guides available by logging into your D2L Brightspace homepage and self registering for the course under the "Free Courses Registration" section titled "D2L Help Site For Students".

PDF Guides

  •     How to Locate and Pin Your Courses (pdf)
  •     How to Forward D2L Brightspace Email to Your Personal Account (pdf)
  •     How To Submit A Quiz In Progress After You've Left The Quiz (pdf)
  •     How To Get Embedded Videos In D2L Brightspace To Load Properly In Your Browser (pdf)

Video Guides

  •     Navigating D2L Brightspace For Students (video, 21:48)
  •     How to Create a Personal Profile (video, 1:59)
  •     How to Navigate Content (video, 1:45)
  •     How to Use D2L Brightspace Email (video, 7:22)
  •     How to Set Up Instant Notification (video, 1:43)
  •     How to Take a Quiz (video, 2:13)
  •     How to Submit a Assignment (video, 2:03)
  •     How to Navigate Grades (video, 1:29)
  •     How to Navigate Discussions (video, 2:02)
  •     How to Use Wiggio (If your instructor has activated it within your D2L Brightspace course) (video, 15:09)
  •     For other tutorial videos you can click here.