D2L Brightspace

D2L Brightspace

The University of New Brunswick uses  D2L Brightspace as its Learning Management System (LMS) to help manage all online elements of courses.  The ultimate goal of this LMS is to help faculty reach and engage learners however and wherever they learn.

Jeff Mundee (506) 452-6288, our D2L Brightspace Support Specialist provides training, one-on-one sessions, telephone support, as well as many D2L Brightspace resources you can access from the menu at the right side of this page.

You can access your D2L Brightspace courses by signing into the UNB portal and clicking on the "D2L Brightspace" link, or, you can log in directly by going to https://lms.unb.ca

If you go under the "My Home" area of D2L Brightspace you'll see under the "Free Courses Registration" heading there are two self register courses titled "D2L Help Site for Students" and "D2L Help Site for Instructors". Both of these courses offer plenty of helpful guides and videos that were created by the folks at D2L Brightspace.

Please connect directly with (D2L) Brightspace Support.