D2L Brightspace Resources for Faculty and Instructors

There are many D2L-Brightspace training resources available for teachers, professors, and instructors at UNB. An overview of commonly used functionality in D2L, as well as links to training videos and PDFs can be found on UNB's Sharepoint site (UNB login required):

If you have a question, you can reach the UNB D2L team via email: d2l@unb.ca

  • Getting started with D2L
  • Settings and properties
  • Building a course
  • Adding and creating widgets
  • Navigation and nabber links
  • Creating and arranging content
  • HTML pages, modules and topics
  • Assessments in D2L
  • Setting up assignments, quizzes, self-assessments, and the question library
  • Working with the grade book and grade schemes
  • Creating and using rubrics
  • Give students special access
  • Use the survey tool
  • Edit courses in D2L
  • Course offering information
  • External learning tools
  • Manage the classiest and discussions
  • Class and user progress