Ben Newling - Getting Students Invested

Ben Newling, Physics Department - Faculty of Science

Ben Newling, Physics professor, finds ways to get students invested in the outcomes, as he plans his classes, filled with demonstrations that connect physics to the real world.

“Traditional lecture style teaching doesn’t help most people - most people struggle to pick up material in a traditional physics lecture.” says Newling, “You have to be careful about how you introduce demonstrations in the classroom - you have to make sure that the students are invested in the outcome.”  And you can follow with a discussion about why the outcome was the way it was. “Physics is well-suited to visual demonstrations.” Newling adds.

Through his physics courses, Ben wants the students to recognize that the universe around us works in an amazingly wonderful way and we can make sense of large chunks of it with some basic tools. “In some way he was capable of making us feel like we were learning as if we were a small group of students." says one student of Newling's teaching approach.