Transformative Teaching - Video Series

A few of our UNB's great professors have been captured in this exciting video series that highlights some of the energy and passion that is behind the great teaching that students experience in their courses.  We can't capture the essence of every single professor, but a few have allowed us to follow them around a bit to get a taste of what makes their teaching go beyond just knowledge transfer.

These videos are also available for viewing on our Transformative Teaching website.

Dawn MacIsaac- Independent Thinking

Dawn MacIsaac, jointly appointed professor in UNB’s Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science, likes to focus on getting students to become independent thinkers and encourage students to challenge themselves.


David Scott - Storytelling

David Scott, professor in UNB’s Faculty of Kinesiology, believes good teaching is about more than just being prepared. It's all about engaging his students through delivery and motivation.


John McLouglin - Math Education

John McLoughlin, professor in UNB’s Faculty of Education, helps students to go beyond the math steps, to see the patterns and understand how concepts fit together.


Jasen Golding - Immersive Forestry

Jasen Golding, senior instructor in UNB’s Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, provides an immersive hands-on learning experience for students.


Kathy Wilson - Seeing the Possibilities

As a professor in the Faculty of Nursing, Kathy Wilson’s enthusiasm and energy is a motivating force for her students, and is described as a “possibility person”.


Sean Kennedy - Cares About Student Success

Sean Kennedy, Professor in the History department, gets his students excited about their work and, in turn, he finds their enthusiasm and curiosity about history to be infectious.


Natalie Webber - Connects with Students

Natalie Webber, Senior Teaching Associate in Computer Science considers her students her colleagues.


Ben Newling - Getting Students Invested

Ben Newling, Physics professor, finds ways to get students invested in the outcomes, as he plans his classes, filled with demonstrations that connect physics to the real world.


Diana Austin - Joyful Teaching

Diana Austin, professor of English at UNB, says the kind of teaching she aspires to is a collaborative ‘joyful dialogue’. “One overarching goal is the desire to engage and retain students in ways that might make a difference in their lives..."