Change One Thing Challenge 

What it's all about

Anyone who cares about their students is constantly pondering how to help them learn more deeply and/or how to help them be more motivated to learn. Sometimes we dive in and do a complete restructuring of a course (e.g. turning a lecture course into a problem-based learning course, or flipping the class) but more often we come up with smaller changes and our courses improve as a result of an accumulation of small, inspired modifications.

We often hear about the big changes but seldom about the little things, even though these can make a big difference and are easier to implement. The Change One Thing Challenge challenges you to think about what changes you have made recently to increase learning in your courses or to improve students’ attitudes toward learning in your courses. We invite you to let us know about one thing that you changed.

What you can win

If your One Thing is selected, you will win $700 to pay for part of the cost of attending a Teaching & Learning conference or workshop. Three prizes will be awarded.

This project is a variant of The Change One Thing Challenge created at Dalhousie University by Deborah Kiceniuk.

To participate, fill out this form by 11:59 p.m. on November 19th:

On the form you will be asked to provide:

  1. A description of the change you made to your course or your teaching (1000 characters max). The change must have been implemented during the 2019 calendar year, or during the fall 2018 term.
  2. A statement of why you implemented this change: what situation provoked it or inspired you, and/or what were you trying to achieve? (1000 characters max)
  3. A description of the results of the change (1000 characters max). This is not meant to be a statistical analysis comparing pre- and post-change grades, nor is a thorough analysis of survey or interview data expected. Your articulate and thoughtful observations and insights will suffice.

You may submit more than one Change but an individual may only be awarded one of the 3 prizes.

Current & past winners of the Change One Thing Challenge