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Conversion Corner

Two computers connected to a variety of audio and video devices with software to capture and convert your work as hard copy CD/DVD or a digital file of your device.Work can be done by you for free, or by one of our staff  with a per/job charge. You are welcome to ask us help for or our list of fees and turnaround times. Aside for your originals you will likely need storage in the form of a USB key or an external hard drive to take away any converted digital files (video files are specially large).

The lab is not responsible for any original media that might be damaged as a result of our handling it with reasonable care.


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Audio Capture

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The two programs that handle audio capture and editing on these computers are Audacity and Garageband.

Audacity is a simple yet versatile program that allows capture of audio from any source connected to the computer with an easy "press record / press stop" mechanic. After captured the files can be edited for volume, time and a number of other parameters.

GarageBand is Mac's fully equipped music creation studio. It can be used to record voice and/or physical instruments in combination with the software instruments that are pre-loaded in the program.

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Video Capture

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The two programs that handle video capture and conversion on these computers are Elegao and VideoMonkey.

Elegato can be connected to any component with a RCA or S-video output, and so we can capture VHS, MiniDV, HIB and a number of other signals. The digital video can then be saved as an mp4 or sent to iTunes or YouTube from within the program.

VideoMonkey is a format convension program that allows you to drop in a video file then save it in a format for a variety of devices like iPhone, Apple TV, or in array of video formats like .avi, .wmv and so on.