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Why print here?

Our Equipment:

We have a strong equipment inventory. Since printing is considered a manufacturing business, our equipment choices have a major impact on how well our lab service can perform.

Our philosophy of providing consistent, on-time delivery and the highest quality printed images is made possible by our job workflow systems, our talented team of coworkers, and our top-notch equipment.

Printing Type and Time:

We offer a variety of paper types- MATTE, SEMIGLOSSY, GLOSSY each with a per inch printing cost. For best results the projects should be presented as POWERPOINT or PDF. We generally require the files 48 HOURS PRIOR TO DUE TIME to assure all projects will be given the full attention they require.


If you don't have time, energy or a desire to put together your own conference or presentation poster we can gather your elements and a rough outline....


...and put together a crisp and communicative graphic conversion of your ideas for a reasonable per hour rate.  

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