UNB’s First Tech-Enabled Active Learning Classroom Opens

Marshall D’Avray Room 334

Room 334, Marshall d'Avray HallCETL are pleased to announce the opening of UNB’s first Tech-Enabled Active Learning Classroom. Room 334, on the top floor of Marshall D’Avray, is modelled after the TEAL room at M.I.T but has been customized to suit the needs of UNB by the Classroom Technology & Services team.

Designed to promote active and collaborative learning, the room features flexible seating that can be easily configured for group work. There are large whiteboards around the room and five, 65” LED monitors which students can connect to via Air Media or cables. Students working collaboratively at one of the monitors can share their work with a student group at another monitor or share their project with all of the other groups. Instructors can have their own material projected at the front of the room and, if they wish, can send it to one or all of the student monitors and then take the material being displayed on one of the student monitors and project it at the front of the class for everyone to see, or even send it to another student display. The room was built from the ground up to promote and encourage team-based collaborative learning.

Active learning is any approach to instruction in which students are asked to engage with material through writing, talking, listening, problem solving, or reflecting. Researchers have consistently found that higher student achievement and engagement are associated with instructional methods involving active leaning techniques and students employing active learning strategies in the planning, monitoring, and evaluation of their learning progress have been found to outperform peers lacking these skills.

Visit our webiste on Active Learning Classrooms for more information.

D’Avray 334 is available for booking starting in the Fall term 2018. If you’re interested in exploring the systems in the room please contact Martyn Iannece for a demonstration.